Company Overview

Kiwi Power is the UKs leading demand response aggregator and has been a key player in the UK market since 2009. We are passionate about driving innovation in technology to create efficiencies, generate commercial opportunities and promote a green agenda. We work confidently with policy makers and system and network operators, navigating the energy landscape to provide clients robust and best in class technology and hardware. Combining proprietary hardware and software and best in class teams KiWi Power delivers significant commercial returns and sustainability benefits to large consumers of electricity, utilities and grid operators. Demand Response is a unique and powerful application using technology to reduce electricity consumption at peak times across industrial and commercial sites. This creates a greener, more cost effective grid; reduces the need for inefficient backup power stations and provides vital balancing requirements and security of supply to system operators and end user sites.

KiWi Power’s innovative approach is leading the way in evolving the UK demand response market as well as influencing the design, build and operation of demand response programmes around the world.

About Demand Management

Around 10% of the UK's electricity capacity comes from peaking power stations. These power stations are highly polluting and expensive to run, and are used by the National Grid to satisfy peak demand and avoid blackouts.

Peaking power is used during less than 1% of any given year, on very cold winter days when heating demand is high, and major sporting events such as the World Cup or the Olympics. This extra strain on the grid is rare but has to be effectively managed, and statistically accounts for less than 100 hours in any given year.

As the grid becomes more congested, our peaking power problems will get worse. As we continue to add renewable energy, such as wind power, to our generation mix, the volatility of our energy will increase.

We provide an alternative to polluting and expensive peaking power. We work with businesses like yours to figure out what demand we can turn down temporarily to avoid the worst peaks. We target non-essential power, such as air handling and lighting, and we utilise existing on-site generation. Most importantly, we never affect operations or comfort. We install our monitoring and control equipment and manage the whole process at no cost.

The result is what we call a Demand Reduction Strategy and we'll activate it only those few times a year when the grid is highly congested. Participation is completely at your discretion and there are no penalties to opting-out. The National Grid pays for demand reduction, so at the end of the year you'll get a cheque for your participation. It's that easy!